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Reviving this because I just wrapped my headers and didn't see anyone post pics or results.

My initial results were pretty good. Before wrap, I could not get my hand anywhere near that header under the clutch cover much less stick my hand between it and cover.

Radiant heat of wrapped header is slashed by a guesstimate of 75% or more. I could touch the header for a few seconds before being force to remove it. Hovering my hand over the header yielded little to zero heat radiance.

Although the engine itself puts off a substantial amount of heat still and still feel a good amount of heat coming through the shifter holes, but i am seeing good results.

After putting plastics all back together and going for some good heat building slow trail blazing. I had decent noticeable reduction of heat radiating from the tunnel. If I was to guess a percentage, I'd say 20-25% less heat maybe a little more. Outside temp was around 90 degree F, rode in shaded trails and open fields. Wrap was titanium wrap and clamped with stainless hose clamps.
Noticed a big difference in shade, but in the fields that north texas heat spares no one! :).

Overall, i know wrapping exhaust is a MUST if you're looking to reduce cockpit heat. I'm going to core my cat out this weekend and will update the added results from that.

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