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What are good budget brand light bars that will work on the x3? Tried searching forums and could only find articles about the baja designs etc brands. What are allot of you guys running? Looking for either a 42 or 50 inch setup straight bar preferably.
I've got a few Auxbeam light bars on my machines. I got them because they were cheap, and I figured I'd replace them as they failed. Several years in... they still haven't failed.

I threw this one on the front of my kids' Ranger 150 that they drive around the neighborhood... I had to tell them not to use it, it's just too obnoxiously bright. It would super-blind cars coming at them, and people would run to their windows to see what just lit up their front room while they were watching TV. 🤣

Don't get me wrong, they're not Ridgids. And they (like a LOT of manufacturers) overstate their wattage. (If I recall, that bar actually draws about 40-50W) But they do give you a ton of light for the price.

You could always do something ridiculously overkill like this one. 😝
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