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Been busy preparing the Maverick ready for a race in Morocco next month, still have some more work to do on it but here are some pictures as everyone likes pictures and a list of what I've done so far... · Extra bracing in the cage
· CT front gussets and tie rods
· Rear tie rods
· Sand mats on roof
· Garmin 620
· Touatech trip meter
· Harness’s
· Dragon fire quick release steering wheel
· Tire pressure monitoring system
· VisionX Extreme light bar
· VisionXlight cannons
· VisionX rear and interior lights
· STM rage 6 and Gen 2 secondary
· 270cfm cvt blower
· Odyssey PC925 battery
· 28-10-14 Bighorns
· Viton O rings in shocks
· Wicked Built power steering
· 43L extra fuel tank


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Looks like a really well thought out and well prepared vehicle! Good luck in the rally and Make us Maverick racers proud! (oh might want to rid your rig of all of those hideous safety stickers if you're allowed)
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