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I wanted to see if anyone has had the same issue.

I had the primary bolt break while riding, I had the recall fix done on the bike and picked it up.

While backing the bike off the trailer it came to an abrupt stop, I thought I hit the side of the trailer so I pulled forward and backed up again without issue.
While riding the next day I was backing up and had the same issue where it stopped abruptly like it went into park, again I pulled forward and everything was fine.

I noticed a few times during the ride I would put the bike in gear and it would not move so I figured it needed to be adjusted.

On the way back to the truck the transmission started making a lot of noise but made it back to the trailer without issue.

I went to check the bike today and found there was no fluid in the case, when I went to add fluid it poured out the bottom of the gearbox, I have not pulled the skid plate yet but my money is there is a hole in the case.

Looking back I now know why it was stopping while I was in reverse, all the fragments in the case were binding up.

Question is, has anyone seen a issue like this after breaking the primary bolt, up to that point I have never had an issue with the bike. Its just feels odd to me that all this happened so close together.

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