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This is my first how to thread so please be nice. I actually saw this on the commander forum while trying to find a parking brake. I know UTV Inc has a parking brake but I have the Super ATV EZ Steering kit installed and UTV Inc. could not confirm that their parking brake is compatible with the steering kit. I asked them if they could send a picture on how the upper attachment of the parking brake attaches to the Maverick but they didn't have anything. I thought they would have such a picture in the instructions of the parking brake but I guess they either have written instructions or you figure it out yourself. Anyway, I wasn't going to spend $130 + shipping to find out.

This gear shifter lever lock prevents you from putting the Maverick in neutral, high or low gear. It also seems to prevent you from putting the Maverick in reverse but what I see as a con to this lock is that the lock allows the gear shifter lever to come out of park but stop short of reverse. This in between mode could allow the machine to move but I haven't tested it yet especially on a hill. This lock also acts as a theft deterrent. Now I realize if a good thief really wants to take your toy, he will find a way but this lock at the very least will take you a little longer to try and steal the Maverick and time is a main factor for a thief. I know there are other theft deterrents that would do a better job than this lock but not as easy. I simply turn the key and leave.

One other thing I observed is that the lock support should be stronger. It's kind of flimsy due to its design.

This gear shifter lever lock is on the European models.

Below are the parts you will need:

(2) Socket Head Screw M5x10 P/N 205951046
(1) Rivet (Europe) P/N 390401400
(1) Washer (Europe) P/N 391301000
(1) Lock (Europe) P/N 707000666
(1) Lock Support (Europe) P/N 707900058
(1) Cap (Europe) P/N 707900060
(1) Lever Indicator (Europe) P/N 707900071

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All these parts cost me a little over $50 from my Can Am dealer.

Now for you cheap bastards, :). You actually do not need the rivet, washer and cap. The cap covers the lock so debris doesn't get into the key path. The rivet and washer are used to attached the cap to the plastic Europe lever indicator. You also could use your existing lever indicator and not purchase the European version. The only difference between the lever indicators is that the European version has 2 holes. One hole is for attaching the cap the other hole is for key access to the lock. The holes are approximately 4mm and 22mm in diameter. You would only save about $10 by using your existing lever indicator. For $10, I would just buy the European version.

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Installation is about an hour but you could probably do it in 30-45 minutes.

Installation instructions:

1) Remove the central dashboard assembly. (2 torx screws and 2 push pins)

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2) Remove passenger handle. (1 torx screw) I used a heat gun to help with the removal. Low heat is all that is necessary.

3) Remove the gear lever handle. There is a nut you must loosen first then you can turn the handle.

4) Remove the top center console. (1 torx screw and several push pins)

5) Remove the lever indicator. (1 torx screw)

6) Disconnect and remove the override switch from the lever indicator and install the override switch into the European version lever indicator.

7) Assemble cap to European version lever indicator with rivet and washer.

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8) Assemble lock to lock support with the (2) M5 x 10 torx socket head screws.

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9) Assemble lock support to frame and place European lever indicator on top of lock support.
Make sure the tab with 2 holes on the lock support align with the 2 holes on the frame.
There is a locator pin on the lever indicator that aligns with the rearward hole on the tab with 2 holes.
Also make sure the override switch wire harness is on the passenger side of the lock support. My picture shows the harness on the wrong side.

Auto part Vehicle Car Engine Hood

10) Assemble torx screw at the rear of the lever indicator.
Make sure the lock support is in place and shift the support as close to the driver side as you can.
The holes on the lock support are clearance holes so you want the support as close to the gear shift lever as possible to make the lock most effective.

11) Reassemble the remaining parts from steps 1-4.

Finished product. You can see a brass pin extends out as you turn the key to prevent the gear shifter lever from engaging into any other gear.

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thanks for redirecting me to this thread....

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Now this is a nice thread, told us and showed us step by step. Why can't everyone else provide the same type of information instead of being a smart ass and telling you to do your own search, I guess it takes all types to make the world go round, huh? Great job MiMav!

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Now this is a nice thread, told us and showed us step by step. Why can't everyone else provide the same type of information instead of being a smart ass and telling you to do your own search, I guess it takes all types to make the world go round, huh? Great job MiMav!
Some people don't like to give. hand outs like some Americans think there entitled too They Want everything without putting any effort in wth!!!

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