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Price is $33,000 firm. I know you can get a 2020 for less, but lets think about it for a second. 2020 has 195hp, I have about that to the tires. 2020 has foldable a-arms and radius rods, mine will not bend. 2020 has a foldable cage, mine is solid. 2020 has stock shocks, mine are butter smooth. 2020 has a plain dash, mine is enhanced. 2020 does not come with comms, mine does. 2020 has oem seats, mine are a lot more comfortable. 2020 still pushes the crankcase vent into the intake, mine has a catch can. 2020 can have the rear toe bolt come loose and wallow out, not mine. I could go on and on. I will add some pictures to this as soon as I can. The Packard wheels are not on the machine yet, but are brand new. Title in hand. Here are the mods:

SDR Cage
SDR rear storage bag
HCR full elite suspension arms
Shock Therapy full gold series treatment on shocks including internal bypasses
Shock Therapy BSD kit
Shock Therapy front limit strap kit
EVO stage 5 X85 tune with maptuner and large injectors
Maptuner gauge mount
EVO launch switch
EVO Shocker down pipe
Custom 3" intake with S&B filter
UTV INC doors
UTV INC exhaust heat deflector with ceramic coating
UTV INC shifter handle
Geiser billet passenger grab handle
Rugged dash mount with relocated starter button
Rugged 25w radio with 660 intercom with added Bluetooth
Rugged carbon fiber over the head headsets
PRP GT-SE seats with heaters
PRP 4 point harnesses
PRP door bags
Switch pro 8100 switch panel
Rigid 40" lightbar
Rigid cubes
Rigid chase lights
Rock lights
5150 whips
Interior Dome Light
10” Spal intercooler fan
C&R oversized race intercooler
E-power steering upgrade
UTV stereo dual battery kit
Custom rear bed support brackets
CT front gusset kit
ZRP rear radius rods
ZRP rear double shear knuckles
ZRP brake pedal extension
RYCO street legal kit
Custom Wrap by Envision
PLX mulitgauge for boost and air fuel ratios
Custom front upper shock brace kit
Assault steering wheel
Assault steering wheel quick disconnect
Assault side mirrors
Assault main grill and hood grill
Custom glass windshield
HALO locker
FUTV skids
Magellan TRX7 navigation
Pwrtune boost tube
GTP adjustable blow off valve
XRC front bumper and bulkhead
Whalen Speed catch can
Loose nuts gated shifter
BRP lightweight clutch weights
Eibach adjustable rear sway bar
Zbros rear sway bar links
Cryo treated front axles
USB charging station
32" ITP R Spec tires on custom offset 15" DWT sector beadlocks
32" 12 paddle Sandcraft Destroyers on 15" lightweight Packard wheels
Rear frame dog bone kit for added frame strength

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Send a 2020 like this, you know what will happen? Me either. But I know how mine takes it, and I did this another 10 times in a row after.

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Someone is going to get a sweet machine and save a ton of money and work. I said before I wouldn't part with mine for $35k and yours has more than a few parts I haven't upgraded our purchased yet. GLWS, this is the best way to get a built machine, buy it from someone that has already done all the hardwork and research.

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Did you even read the post? This machine will outperform a 2020 in every aspect. Why would I want to downgrade?
Yes I read your post. I figured you would build another one. You seem like the type that enjoys the building process. No reason to be a dick

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Sorry Dizzle. I thought you were insinuating a 2020 is a better option. My bad.
No problem, I enjoy reading the build threads you and others do. Y’all come up with great ideas that help the rest of us out with our builds.

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Cant buy a new one and build it like that for that price. Dont think you could buy a used one and build it for that price either. Heck of a deal on a fully built and built correctly car.
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