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I am selling these Paddles and Smoothies. I bought them last summer for a 2 day trip to Pismo. Ran them for a a few hours and now my stupidity is your chance to get a deal. I go to Pismo once a year and I now realize that these were a waste of cash. I am trying to get our race team together and need to raise some cash, this will help.

Sand Tires Unlimited STU 26" Blaster / Douglas Wheels Performance UTV Sand Paddle Tire Kit
Paddle Cut Type: #1 Cut - High Speed Paddle
Comp Cut: No
Front Tire Type: Smooth Buff 27".

They hook up at pismo so well its been hard to sell these which is why I let them sit in my garage for the last 6 months and let my wife yell at me because she has to step over them to get to the dog food:)

Make me an offer, I really don't want to ship them. You Glamis guys should all be close enough we could meet somewhere or you could pick them up. I really don't want to ship them. I paid a crap ton of money and if you offer me 600 bucks I won't even answer you. You guys who dune know what these are worth. Make me a good decent offer. I'd be interested in a trade of some type as well but it has to be worth it to me.

EDIT: Yes they include the Douglas rims.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Yellow
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Auto part Rim
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tire
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