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i have a go pro.. only used it once.. worked pretty well. i liked how i can control it through an app on my phone while it's connected to my helmet. However i didn't like that it only has a built in battery, and if i want to charge it on the fly, or while using it, it is no longer water proof... so i'm looking into other cameras
Yeah I think the GoPro Silver models have a built in battery. The Black models you can swap batteries.

I did a fair amount of research. At this current time I think the DJI Osmo Action is the best bang for your buck right now for what I'm doing.

Check out some reviews on YouTube. People have a lot of good things to say about it. And not too much bad things at all.

New GoPros are better on paper. But just way too many firmware issues, especially the newest GP 9 model. And the 8 has no replaceable lense which is a turn off for most people. And when it comes down to GP 7 vs Osmo, Osmo wins...
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