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Experimental Skat-Trak 18 Paddle Exciter Blades.

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Here is a Picture of a set of Experimental Skat-Trak 26x12.5 12 18 paddle Exciter Blades. small low profile Blades staggered and Im hoping that they will pull hard on the Bottom and once there up to Speed the tire will ride on the center section so there will be little Drag from the Paddles and it will have a good top speed still. Tire Automotive tire Auto part Vehicle Tread
Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Wheel Rim
Tire Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Auto part Wheel
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Yeah Im gonna run those and one other set with Digger paddles that wrap around the carcass and were going to groove the centers down so they Launch hard off the Bottom and out of the corners and then transition at speed to the center section with less paddle in the sand. Were try to gett a Tire to Be a Variable Pitch tire so they work awesome on all ends of the Spectrum from take off and cornering to top end speed.
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