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The EFX MotoHammer offers superior hard pack traction control. The MotoHammer tire is the single best hard pack tire on the market, boasting the best contact patch, superior traction control, rugged 8 ply carcass and Radial DOT rated performance. EFX didn't stop there. The MotoHammer was also engineered with a shoulder tooth lug that grips, grabs and sticks when you need it most.

Racers will appreciate the high speed rating and Radial technology, keeping you centered up and in control to punch the straightaways. Trail riders will love the 8 ply carcass and completely re-engineered soft compound that conforms to your terrain.

Available Sizes: 27x9x14R, 27x11x14R, 28x10x14R, 30x10x15R, 31x10x14R, 32x10x16R
Engineering: 8 Ply Radial DOT Street Legal
Tread Depth: .75"

EFX MotoHammer Tire @

PM for pricing
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