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EFX Motoclaws - My loss your gain.

I have 4 EFX 27-10-14 Motoclaws for sale. They have 27 miles on them. They are DOT rated, 8 ply Radial. I used them in WV in the snow. Excellent in the snow and mud. I rate them 5 stars. If I was to continue to trail ride only, this would be my choice of tire. Now my dislikes are Tire Synthetic rubber Tread Automotive tire Auto part
Tire Synthetic rubber Automotive tire Auto part Tread
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Rim Auto part
and I should have known 8 ply tires are heavier and I need something lighter to race with. Don't need two sets setting around, wife asks questions then, why do you need these and what are those for. You cannot tell these have been on the ground. $550.00 shipped. These tires run retail in the $170.00 range.
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