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Dempsey X3 Correct Shoulder Bolt Kit from Pro UTV Parts

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Here is a complete bolt kit that will have the correct shoulders for each suspension bolt on your X3. These bolts are 10.9 hard and have the correct shoulder length for your X3. Why is this important? Bolt threads in suspension tabs loosen the fit of the bolt and actually cause the threaded portion of the bolt to make the hole bigger. The threaded 10.9 hard bolt acts like a reamer to the softer suspension tabs. Serious off-road racers replace all of the bolts on their machines with correct shouldered bolts.

PM or order online.

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In stock.
Build your X3 correctly with Dempsey bolts from Pro UTV Parts!
In stock.
The oem bolts have metal sleeves that sit inside the bushing that supports the bolt going thru a arm .if bushing is good and tight then the threaded part of bolt shouldn’t touch the other side of mount. The issues I have got is from single sheer mounts .so correct me if I’m wrong. With a true double sheer mount and new bushings. WHy would you actually need these bolts?
The factory bolt holes are inherently loose and the threads on the bolts make the hole bigger after a period of time. They act like a saw cutting the hole bigger. It is worse if the bolts come loose because they cut the hole faster. The Dempsey bolts have bolt shank going through both holes and tighten the sloppy factory bolt holes up. Measure the threads and compare the shank to the threads. There is quite a bit of difference in diameter.
101 - 105 of 105 Posts