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DAKAR 2013 Starts Tomorrow I would Love to do it in a UTV ... Would you ?

Direct TV : NBC Sports Ch. 220
Jan. 5th, 11:30pm PST

Jan. 6th, 11:30pm PST

Jan. 7th, 11:00pm PST

Jan. 8th, 11:00pm PST

Jan. 9th, 4:00pm PST

Jan. 9th, 11:00pm PST

Jan. 10th, 11:00pm PST

Jan. 11th, 11:00pm PST

Jan. 12th, 11:00pm PST

Jan. 13th, 11:00pm PST

Jan. 14th, 4:00pm PST

Jan. 14th, 11:30pm PST

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I always thought this race was ran in Africa or something. Certainly not in South America. Is this the first year for this course?
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