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First, I have read several post and have done allot of research.
At this point, I am looking for recommendations and best practice setups..

I have the following:
2014 CanAm Maverick X RS DPS 1000 2 seater​
32" STI Outback Max with 14" MSI beadlocks wheels​
2" wheel spacers and 3" lift kit​
AIRDAM CVTech Primary with 1017 (200/1600) primary spring and 2007 (18g) weights​
Stock secondary with Dalton Black/Violet torsional spring​
Secondary is original, but the spring and helix have roughly 1500 miles on them​
All of the secondary components are within operational specs​
The CVTech primary has about 1000 miles on it​
Most riding is between 0 - 3500 ft.​
No engine mods​
Stock exhaust​
Sport Low mod​
I mainly ride south east hard pack trails and moderate mud
I was having shifting problems and figured out it was related to the secondary being engaged by the primary.
Basically, the CVTech 1017 (200/1600) spring is to soft for my application.

I understand that weights and springs are tweaked based on desired shift-out.

I am looking at going with a CVTech primary spring 1021 (300/1600) , 1025 (400/1200), or 1028 (500/900)
Also, I am looking to run the 2009 (22g) weights.
I am looking to increase the engagement just enough to keep the primary from engaging the secondary while in idle/park/neutral.
Considering my 32" tires are a bit heavier that the 30' tires I started with, in theory the 2009 weights should compensate for the additional un-sprung weight.

In theory, the 1025 primary spring with the 2009 weights, should work well with my riding conditions.
The only concern is the 1200 versus the 1600 finish rate.
Based on my specs and riding environment, what should the recommended spring/weight setup be?
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