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The info below is mostly about our Polaris customers, I know there is a competition between can am and Polaris, don't let them get ahead of you!!! LOL

Just kidding there, the info below is very true in the Polaris world and we do offer belts for Can Am's too.

Just after 4 months we are finally making headway to be the most recommended CVT belt. We set out to compete with the OEM as best belt. By watching social media as closely as I do, we are seeing less and less of the question being asked, "What is the best belt?" I hope that is because our belt is becoming that and no need in asking it as often. I want to say thanks for those who have been replying to those who still ask that question with the simple answer "Hunterworks". Just this am, I saw a post on FB asking, about half of the responses were Hunterworks, OEM had the other large number of replies then a couple other brands. So for you hard heads still saying OEM, would you please try our belt for goodness sakes!!! LOL. It does save you money!!! I wrote a new tech article this AM about why second belts do not last long as the first. Here is link, the top link goes to our belts for you hard heads and this is the link to the article.

Thanks so much!!

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