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Just thought I would chime in with a few things.

I'm running a Yamaha Viper 4stroke sled, 1050cc triple. The factory endorsed MPI pump gas kit uses the Mitsu 15g turbo. It has little to no lag, which is a huge thing in the sled world. The MCX Viper kit uses the Mitsu 19T turbo. Its also good for their pump gas kit, but has potential to be turn up into a race gas kit making 300HP.

The TE04 mentioned above supposedly uses the 13C compressor wheel (39.9 Inducer x 53mm Exducer).
The GT2554 uses a 42.1 x 54.3mm wheel, slightly bigger than the TE04.
The GT2252 you (OP) mentioned also is a 40.2 x 52mm compressor, slightly smaller than the TE04.
The last two digits of a Garrett turbo designate the largest part (exducer) of the compressor wheel.

The 2554 also runs a slightly bigger turbine wheel at 53mm but little tighter turbine housing at .64 A/R. The 2252 uses a 50mm turbine wheel and has a .67 A/R turbine housing.

To compare, my Mitsu 15g uses a 43.4 x 56mm compressor wheel and the Mitsu 19T uses a 46 x 58.0mm compressor wheel.

That said, 1000cc motors being close to equal (twin vs triple)(8000 vs 10,500 rpm) either of your choices should work great. Personally, I'd pick the bigger of the two, it should be plenty responsive. Boondocker uses the GT2860 on the RZR 1000.

Don't focus so much on how much PSI boost per se your running, but more about how much CFM air its moving. You can make more power with less "boost" but more air (bigger turbo), but it is a give/take kinda thing. Ball bearing will spool faster, but if your a repair your own stuff kinda guy, you will have to send the center section in to Garrett to be fixed. A journal bearing you can rebuild yourself. Just my $.02 :)
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