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I have the modular bag setup, so I can't use the bedliner that CanAm sells I guess, but I was thinking a 1/16 piece of polycarbonate cut to fit on top of the rear rack/bed, with the reflective insulation under it, would really cut on the heat that gets pulled into the cab area. I run a 1/2 windshield and it's amazing how much heat gets sucked back into the cab area. (I run harnesss or a rear window might be an option).

What do you guys think of this? 1/16" thick black polycarbonate sheet is about $30, I think I have enough thermotec laying around, but if not, maybe another $30 to cover the whole bottom of the sheet, then just screw it into the rack with machine screws and put the bag back on top of it. (Probably have to cut wide around the linq latch holes to make sure the bag still latched easily enough).

Poly melts at 300ish degrees, surely with the thermotec on it, we'd be under that.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

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