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I have an X3 Max with a street legal kit with turn signals already installed. It uses the three small amber LEDs for the left/right signal. The amber lights are always on when the headlights are on. My signature light kit (that I'm in the process of installing since my machine didn't come with them originally) has a yellow cable that you can connect to the turn signal system so that they too will work as left/right turn signal lights like the picture below.

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The normal white DRL lights on the signature lights work just fine. However, there is an extra yellow cable that you can hook up to the turn signal system. I'm wondering how to connect this yellow cable to the existing wiring system. Each of the three amber puck LEDs have a wire that when I cut away the outer sheathing, there are three separate wires inside (white, red, black). I'm assuming one is ground, one carries constant power and the other is for the flashing turn signal?

Which wire in the existing system do I connect that yellow wire to? I'm thinking the red one, but wanted to see if anyone out there has already done it before I go cutting into any wires. And can I just tie into one of the individual wires going to the small LEDs or do I need to tie in higher up the line?

I would like the three LED pucks to still flash with the signal in addition to the signature lights.

Pictures below for reference. Thanks!

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The one that has power when the blinker is on. Get out the test light

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