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Have you ever thought about adding a CB radio, or race radio into your UTV, sandrail, rock crawler or race truck? Sure, a lot of people have made that choice to communicate with their friends or pit crew, but what about an intercom system with headsets? Have you ever taken much thought into what an intercom system can really do for you and your passengers? Or what about those headsets you always see people wearing at the race track? There can't be that many different types of headsets, can there?

In this thread, we would like to stop and take a moment to explain all the racing headsets we have to offer. In fact, we manufacture over 25 different types of headsets for various applications. Hopefully this thread can help clear up any questions or concerns you may have, and educate you on the perfect headset for your application.

First up is deciding whether you want Over-The-Head (OTH) or Behind-The-Head (BTH).

Over the Head Ultimate

Over-the-head (OTH) headsets allow for a single headset band to hold the headset in place. This means less points of contact with your head and is designed for comfort when wearing a hat or helmet is not necessary. The main band is adjustable, allowing for customizable comfort for any adult. (child sized bands are available)

H15: The single side speaker allows for one ear to be exposed to environmental noise, very popular for pit crew members or film crew.

H22: Our most popular headset model based on its versatility. On top of providing a universal 5-Pin port, waterproof PTT, and volume control, it also provides a 3.5mm music port to connect a music player or scanner. Ideal for when you need to monitor a channel (or listen to music) while still connected to an intercom or radio through the 5-pin port. Constructed for durability, this headset also has a military grade M101 dynamic mic, high bend test cabling, and long lasting polyurethane ear seals which are sure to last you well through the racing season. Also available in a variety of colors.

H22-ULT: The ultimate version of our H22 provides unsurpassed padding and comfort for long rides or excessive jarring, while the hard wired coil cord ensures there are no "premature disconnects". Complete with carbon fiber style finish, comfort pillow top headpad, large comfortable gel ear seals, cloth ear covers, and a foam mic muff. If you are looking for the ultimate over-the-head headset, the H-22 Ultimate is the one!

Behind the Head Ultimate

Behind-the-head (BTH) Headsets are designed to provide maximum stability in any environment. Whether you wear a hat, safety helmet, or just don't want to worry about the headset slipping, this is your best option. The Velcro strap that goes over the head is flexible enough to wear underneath most hats and safety helmets, while the behind the keeps the headset in place. So whether you're jumping over the wall to change out tires in the pit, or you're getting thrown around by your friend who drives like a madman, you'll have no problem staying connected.

H42: Again, the BTH version of our most popular and versatile headset due to its connectivity and reliability. Also available in variety of colors: carbon fiber, white, red, pink, yellow, blue, orange and MORE coming soon!

H42-ULT: The ultimate comfort version of our H42 consisting of gel ear seals with cloth ear covers, as well as the hard wired coil cord and foam mic muff. This is truly the ultimate BTH headset on the market today!

H43: Same as the H42 but has a rubberized coating over the ear cups. It also features a fully flexible mic boom that replaces the traditional wire boom mic. The h43 only comes in a black color.

: This is considered one of our "Specialty Headsets". It's designed for dual radio communication. A PTT on each ear allows the wearer to choose which radio they wish to communicate through. Perfect in situations like Crew Chiefs who have to keep in communication with both the driver, and the officials. There are no volume controls on this headset because of the dual radio feature, volume must be adjusted on each radio.

These are our most popular headsets for racing applications. We do offer a variety of other headsets for aviation, listen-only, race fan headsets, fire department and wireless systems.

Here at Rugged Radios we know you take pride in what you do, and being the authority in communications means we're always here to help you with your comm systems. As always, never hesitate to call or PM us if you have any questions at all. Thanks for your continued support and stay Rugged!
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