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The XRC is one I’ve definitely failed to look at closer, at least the turbo rr version. I would like to be in the turbo r 165+hp category at the very least, so I think the 64” 120hp xrc may not be as much of a contender as the xds options (but maybe I shouldn’t discount it yet).
Another thing to consider and that I’d like to hear opinions on is with this being our first car over the $15k range, I’ve having a hard time convincing the wife of going beyond an msrp of $25k. I’m just trying to reason with her here because she already only wants the commander xt and I’m pushing hard for the x3 and think she’s now on board with that.
With that said, trying to stay close to $25k, is it better to go for the higher trim greater power of something like the xds turbo rr which would just make the cut, or maybe something like the xrs turbo r? I know comparing something like riding style/width, to power level/motor isn’t exactly apples to apples but at the end of the day price range has to be met (or at least close).
I appreciate the input from you guys with the experience/machines. Thanks
you can add just a tune for around $600 to the 120hp X RC and be at 164hp. or add intercooler and a couple other things and be well over the 165hp category your after.
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