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Came from a Polaris 800 and I love the Mav! Need some help too

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I know there is a lot of reading here but if you can spare some time to read it would be greatly appreciated!!!!3 months of mods and stories.

Hello everyone bought my mav a couple of months ago and have been creeping on this forum ever since. Finally got around to making an account. So a little bit about my new ride. It's a 2013 xrs that I bought from a had 468 miles on it when I got it and the story they told me was that they sold it to a guy with out enough oil in it and it blew up the engine. So they replaced it with a brand new 2014 model year engine. They gave me some recipts for all the work done and it totaled out at just under 7k. Super nice mav already had probably over 3k in mods put on it when I got it and they had pulled some of them off to make it"easier to sell". They said they pulled the snorkle kit, sport low, led whips, it had the double battery mod to run all of the electronics. Wish they would of just left it all to be honest. But since I bought it I have installed the EMP 3 inch lift uber easy and would defiantly recommend to anyone out there looking for a good cheap lift. At the same time I also installed their new front gusset kit which was kind of a nightmare. We pulled the whole front end apart and when we went to put it all back together nothing would line up and all of the metal spacers on the upper a arms kept getting moved about. After a few hours and a couple of beers we finally got everything lined up and back together. Looks great and so far performs it's intended function. Only other thing I have installed on it so far is sport low and my God does it rip.

My style of riding is 60mph+ trail riding. Out herein North Dakota the most common trail is the ditch which is kind of sad but gotta work with what we got. So I was riding last week and I came upon a hill that I have climbed in my Rzr before. I stop at the bottom of it and try to remember any obstacles as there is probably 3 inches of snow on the trail. I punch it to go up the hill and about halfway up I see and remember that there is a 1 foot bump in the side of the hill. I throttle it and hope for the best.... The front of the mav bottoms out and rips a square foot of dirt out of the ground completely bending down my front OHMW skid... Landed above the bump and continue to the top of the hill. Later that day I bottom out again bending it almost a 90degree angle. So I bought a heat gun and am going to pull the front skidheat and bend back hopefully will get some before and afters. If it doesn't work I'm looking at EMP full center skids for $399.

Future plans as of now I'm looking at going either 32s or 34 inch terminators have read a lot of reviews and they seem like one of the best all around trail mud tire that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Looking at the dalton clutch kit to turn them but not sure what the difference is between that and the EPI clutch kits they have out there. Looking to re snorkle it but already has holes drilled in the plastics so I need to figure out to run them the same was as the previous owner. Also I need to figure out the led whips. It has 2 connectors one on each side not sure if they are a universal size connector or anything will post some pics of that soon.

Lasting thing for this post I promise... I need to do the 200 mile engine break in oil change. Don't need to do the front and rear diff fluid as it was already done by the dealership when they pulled the engine. My question...Is it worth it to get the valve timing adjusted I asked the dealer and said that it isn't really nesscary...idk why the mechanic wasn't trying to sell me on it as it makes them money.

Thanks if you read this entire thing! Let me hear your wisdom!!!!
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Update with the pics. When I installed the front lift I had to turn the shocks around so the reservoirs would clear my headlights. Not sure if anyone else has done this but the clearance is there to do it. Also I have moisture in my little cube light bars any advice was going to open dry and then silicone.
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These are the post lift pictures...Just took her for a test drive and did not feel any less stable than normal. Anyone else have their front shocks turned inward?
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Good looking ride. I don't know why a dealer would think it was a good idea to remove accessories unless they wanted them for their own ride.
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I'm waiting on my new shoes for her. Ordered some 8ply 30x10x12 ITP Blacke water evolutions.
You need to set your compression settings on your shocks stiffer to prevent bottoming. Use small adjustments because as you stiffen up the suspension to prevent bottoming it usually comes at the cost of ride quality. Try to set your suspension to use as much travel as you can without bottoming.
Thanks Cale's! Since I got the mav tho I have installed a 3 inch lift and 30 inch tires. Haven't bottomed out since! And still have a nice plush ride.
my neck hurts
Too much reading? Hah. Sorry had a lot of bottled up info from 3 months of creeping on the site.
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