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The poly will scratch right to hell on you in no time.

A matter of hours in some conditions. Maybe before you are done your first ride with it.

Windshields on UTV's are an overpriced pain in the ass. I HATE all of them lol. Plus the cab heat issues.

If they were cheap enough to replace every once in awhile I may use them at certain times of year. But then it must be quick and easy to take on and off in that case.

I've just come to the conclusion I've never had a windshield on an ATV or snowmobile. So I don't need one on a UTV.

It's like people see that a UTV has a steering wheel and sestbelts, so it MUST have a windshield.

I tried a poly and what a waste of $.

The only reason to have one really imo is for street legal if that's what you need.
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