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In the last month I have gone through two (yes, two) Cam-am glass windshields! Chalk it up to bad luck? Poor glass?

I purchased my first one mid July and love the fit, finish and unobstructed view. Within the first few rides the lower rubber weather striping started to come off. After a few attempts to reattach, I figured I'd just pull the windshield back off and apply new two sided adhesive to the entire rubber strip.
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Well, while my wife and I were lifting it off the car, I guess we tweaked it just right and splintered the glass!!!! WTF!!

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I worked with my insurance and got it covered under my policy to replace it so I didn't have to drop another $1200.

Now, just yesterday while out driving a rock flew up and put a quarter sized chip in this one!!!! <insert a lot of fowl language here>
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I don't want to submit another claim on my insurance, so I am going to run this one until it gets worst, but think my next windshield will be a polycarbonate one.

What's everyone else's take on these? Anyone from BRP weigh in on this?
I have a SATV Flip up windshield with the hard coat and here's my thoughts.

The Pro's: I like the versatility of it being able to control the air flow and keep the mud and dust under control. With a daily coating of Gtechniq G2 it's pretty easy to keep it clean. If it's foggy or hot, you can run with it open. I haven't managed to break one. (watch you fingers at high speeds if you have the thing open ~70mph it gets enough wind to overpower the struts and slam shut)

The Cons: SATV's hard coat is very hit or miss. Some I think actually attract scratches. I've seen these get annoyingly scratched in as little as one ride and that's guys spraying them down with well before they squeegee. If you're lucky enough to get a good one and you're careful cleaning it, you can get a couple/few years out of it. The warranty sucks; After you remove the film from the windshield, SATV will gladly sell you a new windshield piece for half the windshield cost, but don't expect anything else. There is no warranty from that point whatsoever for scratching. When it rains, your legs are going to get soaked. Water leaks down from everywhere onto the dash and right down your knee and down your leg (worse for the left leg, but righty's gonna get it too). Rain also comes in from the gap in the hinge area and either goes down your leg or you take drips to the face.
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