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Belt blown now limp mode

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I've run across a strange problem recently. My belt exploded which I figured would happen at some point so I got a new one and changed it out but now My x3 goes into limp mode if I try and maintain a steady speed. If I'm going slow its fine or if I'm driving it like I stole it is fine but as soon as you try and just drive like your commuting it goes into limp mode and I've gotten a code P2279 along with the P0301 - 3 I know theses are misfire codes but are random and it does not start to miss fire until the P2279 pops up at which point limp mode is active. Any Ideas? Thanks.
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would be interesting to test this theory (not saying you are right or wrong). Would be informative if someone that was having this issue had a PV3 so we could see what it was showing for knock..
knock is not misfire... if the motor here's knock it cuts the timing, not throw a code
What happens if the knock is server enough or of the clutches were making excessive noise. Would it then start shutting down cylinders? Or is the ECU knock control only have control over timing and boost?
21 - 23 of 23 Posts