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It sounds like the claim above was based readings taken from a handheld lumen meter/photometer. These devices are used in photography and other applications to test a pinpoint measurement at a very specific point. Not at all a good representation of the output of the light, being that our reflector and lens are designed to spread the effective lumen range up to 42 degrees wide.

The testing procedures used within the industry are much more detailed and I wish they could be achieved with a $100 photometer :)

Most of them rely on peak beam measurements, which still are not a great representation of the output of our lights (our secret sauce is our ability to smoothly spread light across the entire field of view - rather than one pinpoint) but far more advanced than taking a measurement like what was stated above.

The OnX6 is indeed a better bang for the buck if you are just looking for light. The advantage and appeal of our headlight kits is the factory fitment and operation, as well as the adjustment available in the pattern. Power draw and efficiency come into play when drivers begin building competitive lighting packages and begin to run out of power. Our headlight kit draws similar power to the stock system, but provides more performance - translating to better lighting without additional strain on the electrical system. Important for competitive drivers, but likely not for the weekend warrior.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for clarifying the lighting lumen ratings. The Baja Lights on my X3 are the best lights I have ever had and are good enough to run 70 mph at night in the desert. I use a 10" S8 on the shock tower and two XL-80s on the bumper. One of the XL 80s is a spot and the other is a combo. I can turn the stock headlights off and hardly even tell they were on. The next lights for my X3 will be the headlight kit.
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