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Axon 55-s and CT Raceworx Gen 2 Stealth bumper

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Shout out to @craigstumph and Danny Morgan over at ProUTV. 80% of this car has been built with parts through them.
Installed this combo last week just haven't had time to run it or test it, tonight we will be doing some rather risky Wheeling so hopefully we can test and find a Tree to hang this ornament. 🎄🤣

On another note the bumper is rated at 5,000 lb and the winch is obviously 5500 lbs so our 2800 lb rig should be light in comparison. Hoping to always run a snatch block+ soft shackles, if it allows me to. 🧗‍♂️

I'll try to update with pics, good or bad 👍
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Looks like your lower radiator mount got installed in front instead of behind the ears on the bumper?

Pic of mine and yours...
also I put that hex bolt back in in green just for aesthetics, used the clip behind it not attached to anything.

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Looks good man, worth the extra work to get the extra winch capacity. That winch should get you out of anything.

Gusset kit looks good too
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