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Axon 55-s and CT Raceworx Gen 2 Stealth bumper

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Shout out to @craigstumph and Danny Morgan over at ProUTV. 80% of this car has been built with parts through them.
Installed this combo last week just haven't had time to run it or test it, tonight we will be doing some rather risky Wheeling so hopefully we can test and find a Tree to hang this ornament. 🎄🤣

On another note the bumper is rated at 5,000 lb and the winch is obviously 5500 lbs so our 2800 lb rig should be light in comparison. Hoping to always run a snatch block+ soft shackles, if it allows me to. 🧗‍♂️

I'll try to update with pics, good or bad 👍
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Very smart! I might throw those back In. But yes I wish the radiator would have slid in front but the witch didn't leave much room so I had to do some odd fabing to the plastic.
Also had to get 2 longer stainless bolts to attach the nose down it was off about 1/2" it was super odd but it's super snug now.
Thank you 👍. I sure hope so. Crazy how strong they supposedly are in such a compact drum. We wheel with some tuff trucks so there's usually somebody to hook onto that's much heavier than us. Now just gotta address the Damn heat! Haha
Nice build. Have you had a chance to use the headlights yet? Do you like them better than the stock ones? I have been debating bout spending all that money but want real world feedback first. :cool:
Yes we use them quite a bit. Alot brighter than stock. Runs off the 2 outer lights. Brights engages the middle lights as well. (Baja S1) all 6 are around 12k lumens I think. But I definitely need more lighting unfortunately. I love the baja XL80s. I'd like 2 right on the shock Tower brace.
I'm pretty sure there are 2 companies that do it, but definitely go with Baja design. Kit is super nice. Uses factory harness. It includes three S1 lights on each side. Not "light bar" bright but night and day compared to stock.
I have the same set. Better than stock but not worth the money for all the more lighting improvement they make, if that's your only reason for wanting them. If you like to pay for conversation pieces, they're totally worth the money. They're also worth it if you break the factory ones often, the mounting and lights are significantly more durable.

And, because of my buying experience direct from BD, buy from a 3rd party supplier like Craig because the BD customer service team are a bunch of liars.
Yikes! That sounds awful. I rely on Craig and his team for our stuff so we've had a great experience. Based of what's available. there are no direct headlights that are even close to the performance these put out.
Definitely not cheap. But we like these alot.

Now that I'm thinking about it I gotta get out there and aim those bad boys better.
I'd eventually like to run some xl80s as a light bar. Maybe 4-5
I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with this "Baja Design" company.
And when they came I was surprised by the build quality of the light body itself. Seems super durable, weve ran them about 1500 miles so far. I will admit, I thought they were super bright until they got drowned out by some of the other riders lightbar set ups. They make some nice stuff but boy are they proud of it hahah
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