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Off road riding comes with a lot of dust, making it harder to breathe when riding in groups, or even alone on a dry day. There are so many dust mask options on the market, but which one is the best atv dust mask? Let us tell you why Wolfsnout is the best kind of ATV dust mask for you.
Our atv dust mask is one of the few that works well with goggles. The fit of our atv mask goes under your nose rather than over, meaning it will not cause your goggles to fog up and is comfortable to wear with motocross goggles. The Wolfsnout atv dust mask allows your goggles to form a complete seal on your face, meaning you wont get smaller dust particles through your goggles. Whether you're wearing goggles for off roading or lawn work, Wolfsnout will ensure comfort and function.
This atv dust mask is designed to be light weight and easy to breathe through. Made from filter foam, the Wolfsnout is so light you will forget you even have it on. The face seal is made from and even softer filter that wont rub or irritate your skin. Originally this mask was designed as a motocross mask, so it allows for easy breathing at a fast paced breathe. The filter foam is what allows for this air flow while still filtering the dust.
In addition, the Wolfsnout ATV dust mask is reusable and washable. This is not a disposable mask and will last you a long time if you take good care of it. Simply use your soap on choice and wash it in your sink, and hang to dry. This important quality makes this product one of the best off road dust masks. You won’t have to worry about purchasing replaceable filters or a new mask because ours is a reusable mask on its own.

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