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I've got a bunch of gear I want to get rid of, I will add to this as I find stuff. None of the prices include shipping however most of it can be shipped in flat rate boxes, if I'm asking too much let me know.
Medium regular DCU gortex pants- $25
Medium regular DCU gortex jacket- $35
Medium short/regular black fleece overalls- $10
Large black fleece-$15
2 large acu Army combat shirts (new)- $35ea
1 medium acu Army combat shirt (new)- $35
1 medium acu Army combat shirt (used)- $15
Size11 over boots-$5
Large wileyX durtac high velocity gloves(new)- $40
2 medium regular acu aircrew coates (new)- $40ea
2 medium regular acu aircrew pants (new)- $40ea
Large regular acu gortex jacket- $45
Medium acu wet weather top- $25
9R Belleville gortex cold weather boots (new)- $45
9W steel toe vibram sole boots (new)- $35
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