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X3 EXR Fuel Tank

Start a conversation with Craig to order at the sale price.

You're invited on an epic trial ride. But you find out you can't make it on one tank of gas. What do you do? Kick your child out so you can carry a 5 gallon fire hazard on the seat next to you? Only go half way? Tell your friends you can't go on this once in a lifetime trip?

How about a better answer?

The AGM EXR Fuel Tank is that answer! With it's 9 gallon capacity, this system is the perfect add-on to nearly double the range of your Can-Am X3 UTV. It does not require any welding, keeps your stock fuel system intact and sits low so it doesn't affect your car's performance. It also has an external port so you can fuel your friends when they run out of gas. Install it in just a few hours with some basic tools. And you can take AGM EXR Fuel Tank back out again if you want to move it to a different car without leaving the first car full of holes or damaged.

If you're looking for a better way to extend the range of your 2 or 4 seat Can-Am X3, then GO FURTHER with the new AGM EXR Fuel Tank.

Tank weighs 24 lbs


Install video.


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Yes it will work with a 2021 X3 Max. Fits under the front seats. Very trick design for extended driving range and increasing storage capacity.
HI Craig, Thanks for letting me know about this the other day. Looks like it should be here end of the week.
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