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We'd like to extend our congratulations to Dustin Clark and the Warranty Killer Performance race team. They took first place in the open UTV class last weekend at the Championship Mud Racing season opener. They got an awesome build, check out their facebook for more pics and videos. Here's the press release:


JACKSONVILLE, TX – Dustin Clark and the W.K.P. Racing team took home first place in the UTV Open Class at the Championship Mud Racing season opener. Their win at River Run ATV Park last weekend was made more impressive by the fact that Clark is completely new to the race scene. "This was my first race ever. It was awesome," Clark said. "We weren't racing against just anybody. All the major factory cars were there, and we're definitely not a big sponsored team."

Clark's turbocharged Race Maverick featured a custom cage, lift and bumper by Custom ATV of Shreveport, LA. For deep mud performance, they went with 34" Superior Traction tires on 16" Crush Locks from Outsiders Mud Crew. Going into the race, their tire choice was a subject of controversy. "We were getting told they weren't going to work, that they were too heavy and too big. Needless to say, everyone wants to try them now."

The engine on Clark's Maverick was built by Quinton Daniels of Warranty Killer Performance in Bossier City, LA. They did a low-compression setup with aftermarket pistons and rods, and installed an Aerocharger variable-vane turbo system set at 10 psi to deliver zero-lag turbo power. Tuning and fuel management was supplied via a Tune Monster ECM. 3P Performance was at the event with their Dobeck mobile AXIS dyno, and Clark took the opportunity to see what kind of power his Maverick was putting down. The team was stoked on the results. "On the dyno, we were putting down 204 hp at the wheel. And those numbers turned out to be in spite of a broken clutch, which we didn't find out about until the next morning!"

In the mud, the Aerocharged Maverick performed like it was designed to, nailing the hole shots and pulling hard through water that was almost 4 foot deep in spots. "It was my first race, and I was nervous, nervous, nervous going in. You're strapped down there in the bike, and all you can see is water and what's barely in front of you."

After winning CMR Stop #1, Dustin Clark and W.K.P. Racing will be attempting a repeat of their win in a few weeks in Fluker, LA. In the meantime the engine is getting torn down and inspected, and they'll be experimenting with improved intake setups to help shed water roost more effectively. Stay up to date with all the action at


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