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i have been looking on sled and other sxs forums for belt issues and what has cured them. I found alot of info about care of sheeves and belts. here are some links and info

ATV and Snowmobile Belts - by Dayco

Tech Tip #2: Cleaning your clutches
Keeping your clutches clean will help improve your performance and save wear and tear on your clutches. Lightly sand your clutch sheaves (faces) with fine sand paper or emery cloth. The direction you must sand is from the center out to the edge. Work your way around both sheaves.

DO NOT sand any grooves into the clutch sheaves.

Sanding the sheaves will remove belt residue and give the belt a better surface to grip. Once you are done sanding, blow off any sanding dust from both clutches. Take contact or brake cleaner and clean the entire clutch EXCEPT for the bushings. Do not use contact cleaner on any of the clutch bushings. Choose a contact cleaner that does not leave an oily film when it dries. Wipe the bushings off with a clean, dry cloth.

Remember, the clutches are considered a dry part. No oil or grease is required. The inside hub of the helix is the only area where a small amount of grease may be applied.

Clean your clutches every time you have them apart and/or several times a season.

from WCforums, the WC issue and a great way to clean and care for the clutch

QUOTE=Rednels;65650]The main thing for belts is a shorter alignment dowel for the wet clutch cover. Supposedly oil mist gets in the air due to poor seal from that dowel being to long and the oil mist cause slight belt slipping, that results in belt overheating and then the belt explodes into a 1000 pieces. Because there is a little oil on it, you wont even smell the belt burning.[/QUOTE]

Also, I have hard of some tricks that I have been using on my snowmobiles. Scrub a new belt up with dawn dish soap and a knuckle brush. Rinse good with warm water. I then clean the clutch surface with comet/ajax and a scotch bright pad. Rinse good with warm water then clean over the clutch surface again with carb & choke or brake cleaner. I do this when I put a new belt on, and it seems to be working out well. I will be doing the same thing to the wildcat when the day comes to put a new belt on it.
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