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64” to 72” conversion

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Just got my car back from 928 Powersports here in fort mohave and had my 64” converted to 72” from takeoffs plus some upgrades. Sitting on 33”tensor ds with method 409s.
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Looks good! Tensors/Methods look great on there! When is the first rip?
The are likely off a RS (not and XRS) with the QS3's
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Just the X series X DS, X RS, X RC you get the RC2's shocks with Resi's.
This is why we try and convince people to just go 72" from the get go...
Sorry didn't see people asking how much.. so all in i paid $7000 total. That includes new rhino 2.0 axles, brake lines, Shock Therapy bump steer delete tie rods, shock therapy radius rods, and the 72'' take off shocks and arms. Oh and the 5 method 409s with Tensor DS and the installation of the parts with some wiring for my whips and turn signal/horn kit.
Price doesn't seem to be too bad with the wheels and tires
Even better of a deal! so what like 3-4k actual cash?
Yes correct, i did not list the X MR as having the Resi's
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