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2022 frame crack

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We have about 1500 miles and this is showing up on both sides at the rear of the door where the plate comes off the chaiss for mounting the doors . It hasn’t been rolled we do a lot of off roading riding and trail rides. At first I thought bad powder coat job.
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The most concerning thing for me is that the 2022 was supposed to be thicker to prevent this.

right that’s why we went 22.. I guess I need to start looking at all joints it’s got close to 1500 miles on it
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Would there be any warranty left?
Nope outside of it
I put a set of digital calipers on the down tube on my 21 yesterday and today on a 22. I don't know where they thickened the tube or went larger on the 22 but it wasnt on the down tube. Good luck with getting the crack fixed. If they don't own it drill a small hole at both ends of the crack so it stops cracking, and any good welder can fix that right up. Dual Phase 980 tube at 1.85 OD doesn't have any wall thickness options from any US vendor but don't know where CA sources there steel.
We are finding a few more spots smh!
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When you say down tube, the tubes the shock reservoir mounts ?

If so that tube is non structural, I would not expect that to be changed.

No the down tube where the door mounts to. I would think this tube being on an angle is acting as a gusset for the rear of the chassis. I also have one under the driver seat in the rear. I did speak to the dealer they contacting brp because even they said 1450ish miles I shouldn’t be seeing this. He did say that warranty is one thing but since this is chassis related it’s a safety thing so there might be hope keeping all fingers, toes,arms and legs crossed lol
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