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2021 x3 RR tune from Evo is out!!!

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Give me a reason why I shouldn't do this.

This was cool to see as well.
"*Although this vehicle is rated at 195 HP, our tests showed that the actual power output was closer to 200-205 HP stock based on comparison to previous 2020 stock RR models! "
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I’ve had my name in for the stage 4 since March, if you’re waiting I would contact SXS blog they said it’s a two week turn around. I don’t know if that’s true or not but Im thinking since they are a Business they have a better turn around. If they don’t call me by the time I get my bonus this year I’m sending mine to SXS Blog. Wish we had some video‘s of the gains. Maybe I can have mine dyno’ed then do my clutch and stage 4 then dyno again.
Yes they are pumping them out I can't wait to take a test drive and see what it'll do should be fun. it cost 1384.00 for the unlock and the flash then I got the code shooter too.
How does the code shooter help? Im taking mine to the dealer tomorrow to get my Alternator put on. I will go stage 4 next year. I figured I would need the alternator so my lights don’t shut off like they did at the dunes last time. 11pm and I didn’t have any lights but the headlights. Sketchy As hell
1 - 2 of 53 Posts