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2021 x3 RR tune from Evo is out!!!

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Give me a reason why I shouldn't do this.

This was cool to see as well.
"*Although this vehicle is rated at 195 HP, our tests showed that the actual power output was closer to 200-205 HP stock based on comparison to previous 2020 stock RR models! "
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Cool. How long was your wait? Sounds like they're 3-4 months out. I'm about a month in on the list
I can't. I just know mine was ~6 weeks ago and thought someone else posted that it only took them 3 or 4 months. You can probably call and ask tho
Curious so just called myself and they're at order #600'ish now and I'm like 1231 on the list, but said they're ramping up turn around rate and should be another 3-4 months out making it around 5-6 mths total wait for me
I called EVO 3 weeks ago. Said they're putting more bodies on it and ramping up the rate so wait times should cut in half from ~10 months to 5
My number just came up 10 days ago and I put in my order in October, so they did cut the time in half from 10+ to 5 months. Also said they're developing another ECU crack method that's supposed to be less labor intensive and cheaper but of course no word on when
1 - 6 of 53 Posts