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2021 Can-Am Maverick XRS Turbo RR for sale. Bought new in July 2021. Lightly used, very well equipped, and with only 290 miles on it. The miles were mostly at Prairie City with my wife as passenger, with one two-day visit to Stoddard Wells. Adult owned by an engineer, and all installed accessories have been installed methodically and cleanly. The Kenwood radio, intercom, and inline noise filter, all from PCI Radios, are properly mounted using a console bracket in the center console with no cutting of the pillars (as is required with other mounts). The Baja Designs headlights are seamlessly integrated with a proper BD wiring run. No hack jobs on this vehicle. You will see in the pics that I use zipties to hold the winch hook fast and eliminate potential damage from it banging around. I made NO changes to the engine, as the stock 195 HP is already seriously amazing, and hopping up the engine would lower the reliability. I have installed many accessories and have additional accessories new in the box that I deemed necessary to give this thoroughbred additional long-lived reliability. All of them come with the vehicle for the advertised price. I am selling this vehicle because I am trimming down my stable, and I am a dirtbiker at heart, not a four wheeler. Thus, I keep the bikes and sell the X3. My love of motorcycles becomes your great deal on a virtually new, well equipped, and low mileage X3.
I also have a 2021 Karavan 12x6 trailer available separately with fold down ramp, and additional tiedown locations designed for the included four Speedstraps, for $1700. For you DIY’ers out there, I am including a digital 2021 Can-Am Service Manual to go along with the Owners Manual. I have additional pics available as well. Cost for X3 and described accessories is $33,600.

Here is a list of installed and NIB accessories that come with this X3:

Front and Rear Fender Kit, OEM.
Full underside skid plates, which do not all come stock on this model, OEM.
Full front and rear suspension arm skid plates, which do not all come stock on this model, OEM.
Front differential skid plate, which does not come stock on this model, OEM.
Warn Winch VRX 4500-S, OEM, front.
XRC Brake Pedal, OEM.
Prerunner Front Bumper, OEM
Rear Window Protection Net, OEM.
PCI Radio Kenwood TK7360HK Communication Radio
PCI Radio 4-Link Pro Elite Intercom with Digital Signal Processing for passenger-to-passenger
PCI Radio Kenwood KLF-2 Inline Noise Filter. This totally eliminates any noise in the radio and intercom
caused by the vehicle electrics.
PCI Radio Helmet Wiring Kits, in addition to the three wired helmets below (Two, NIB).
PCI Elite Wired HJC CS-R3 Helmets with Raceair and helmet skirts, Three total, with Large (Two),
Medium (1). Bought new in August and November 2021. Barely used.
Maglock RaceAir Helmet Kits, Three.
PCI Radios RaceAir Boost Package with remote control. Keeps dust out of helmet and cools the wearer.
5150 magnetic base day whips, (Two) (Not shown in pics)
5150 magnetic base lighted LED whips with Bluetooth control. (Two)
Baja Designs Can-Am S1 Triple LED Headlight Kit. Have stock lights as well.
***Not installed, NIB:
CT Raceworks Bombproof Gusset Kit (NIB).
CT Raceworks Bombproof Shock Mount Kit (NIB).
CT Raceworks Front Suspension Bushings (NIB).
TMW Rear Radius Rod Gusset Plate (NIB).
XMX Engineering Radius Rod Nut Plates (NIB).
Shock Therapy Bump Steer Delete / Tie Rod Kit (NIB). (I didn’t install this, as the BS was minimal)
Shock Therapy Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Links (NIB).
Shock Therapy Adjustable Front Sway Bar Links (NIB).
Shock Therapy Toe Link Support Kit (NIB).
Shock Therapy Radius Rod Kit (NIB).
12 Gallon Rear Trunk Box, (NIB) OEM.
***Additional items included:
Trailering Cover, OEM.
Center storage bag, OEM.
Kemimoto X3 Belt Changing Tool Kit.
Drive Belts, (Two, NIB), OEM.
Lower Doors, used.
Speed Strap Ultimate UTV Tire Bonnet Kit, with extra tie straps.
Oil Change Kit, (NIB), OEM.
New Air Filter, (NIB), OEM.
Many extra OEM bolts and nuts for replacements
Digital 2021 Service Manual
Owners Manual

Thank you for looking. Please PM if interested.