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Setup for DP4 and BITD Rally Class ($55,000 OBO)
Chris Blais
[email protected]

Alsup RD front upper and lower a-arms $2500
Alsup RD Rear trailing arms $2800
Alsup RD Radius rods $ 1200
ZRP rear Knuckles $2000
ZRP Front Knuckles $ 2000

KMC 15” wheels $500
New Kenda Mastodon HT 32” tires $1000
New Spare Tire on Car $250

Race Prepped Axles $500
Baja Designs Onyx 10” shock tower light $1000
Baja Designs Rear S2 amber light $300
Mastercraft S2/4 seats and custom brackets $1000
BRP Seat frames $350
Impact 5 point harnesses $600
Full KWI Clutch treatment, Full Floating Secondary and Dialed in Primary with weights $2000

PCI Helmet Pumper $400
PCI Full Radio/ Intercom and dash setup $2000
Carbon Fiber Center Console with Main Power Cutoff Switch $300

Cat Delete Header $500
Ported head/ Race Valve Job/ Camshaft $1500
Dynojet with custom Whalen tunes $400

Oil Cooler $400
Larger front TCP radiator $800
Shock therapy steering rack $2000
Engine and transmission rebuild 500 miles ago
250 miles on Front Diff

S3 full weld in gusset kit $500
Custom gussets in problem areas $1000
SF Raceworks custom Chromoly cage $2500
SF Raceworks professional Mill Spec wiring with Switch Pro $4000

Custom tuned shocks by UTV $2500
Eibach Springs $2000
Eibach Rear sway bar with custom links $400

Aftermarket skid plate $1000
Quick release steering wheel $200
Sparco Steering Wheel $200
Hostyle Window Nets $400
Automatic Fire suppression system $800
2 Fire Extinguishers $200

Dirt Specialties Doors w/ secondary door latch $800
Custom door bags $400
Stock Fuel Tank with Dry Break System $500
Seal Saver Shock Spring Covers $80
Sector Seven Mirrors $400
Ipad Holder $120

$44,400 in accessories

Weld in chassis gussets labor 100 hours
Chris Blais
[email protected]

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