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Hello forum members,

Selling my 2019 X3 X DS Turbo R. The ONLY reason I am selling is I have sustained too many injuries riding \ racing dirt bikes and need to leave powersports for a while :furious:. I plan to take about 1 year off and heal up. So, my X3:

12 miles on it – all with the green key and the machine in EVO mode
No loans or liens – bought cash

Accessories include:

  • Can Am black aluminum roof
  • Tusk ¼ windshield – clear with no distortion
  • Can Am retractable harnesses
  • Can Am super extended fender flares – front installed backs in the box
  • Assault Side Winder side mirrors – red on red
  • Assault Hell Fire grill – red
  • Rock Blox rock \ mud flaps – black
  • Can Am door lowers
As new condition. Asking $20,000. I have over $26,000 into my X3 and it have 12 total miles on it. So the buyer saves over $6,000 on an awesome UTV with 12 miles on the clock and 5.5 months of warranty reamaining - the buyer can buy more warranty time.

I am located 1 hour south of Fresno. Please shoot me a PM if interested or give me a call at 559.689.three 038 Please know this is a land line so no texts. Just give me a call.



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Sorry to hear you have to take time out to heal, Il let people know who might be interested. Good luck
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