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I have a new 2018 X3 Max Turbo RS with Smartlock. We ran 400 miles of Baja 1000 course last week as its break in. The ride height came set from the factory at 11.5" and that was too low. We had 4 people in the car and with the heavily crowned race course roads we hit the skid plate a lot. So much that the skid plate sheared where the seams overlap. This is a big problem and now I am replacing the skid plates. The core problem is that this is a design issue, where the skid plates over lap the material is half thickness and it broke all the way along the seam.

Does anyone make a one piece plastic skid plate without the seams?

Are the metal plates as obnoxiously loud as I imagine them to be?

Any other suggestions?

After the trip we raised the ride height to 15" via lots of shock pre-load (this requires removal of the shocks) and the majority of the skidplate hitting is gone. So I may not destroy the new ones, but I still want to upgrade from stock if possible.

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