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2014 Mav XRS DPS Dalton Black/Violet Secondary Spring

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I have been searching the forums and the internet, as to whether I should use the Dalton b/v secondary spring.
I have the following:

UATV-TECH lock mod
Dalton primary setup for 30"+ tires
30x10x14 EFX Motoclaw
Mainly ride alone
75% moderate speed hard pack trail riding
10% rock/hill crawl/climb
15% shallow to moderate mud
Elevation is normally below 4000'

The Dalton sites says the b/v secondary spring should help with running tires over 29.5".
Would anyone have pros/cons with running the b/v spring with my setup and riding habits?
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I have the Dalton kit with the violet spring. I run 30" mongrels. I ride hilly rocky trails and never had an issue. I have 650 miles on original belt and it still looks good.

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Thanks Komp,

Any noticeable loss in RPM and/or top speed?
I didnt notice any loss in rpm. Top speed did drop though as I only hit about 68-70.

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The dalton spring is stiffer than stock so it slows the upshift . This helps with larger tire's and because the upshift is slowed down a tad the rpm is up a bit from a stock spring .
It's a good spring for bigger or tire's that have more weight . I would not use it with big horns or light tire's
Hello Troy,

Thanks for your reply..
I do understand that there are several variables and one size does not fit all..
On average the stock 12" beadlocks wheels Maxxis 2.0 bighorns weigh ~35 - 40 lbs each.
I am running 14" STI HD5 beadlocks wheels with EFX Motoclaw tires that weigh ~45 to 50 lbs each.
In your opinion, would you run the Dalton stiffer b/v spring?
If your unit seems sluggish anytime while traveling in the slower more technical terrain it can be from to much up shift . Then try it and see if you like it. . If your unit has lots of snap on the bottom and seems responsive don't change it .
Think of that spring like a tow/ haul in your truck .
Hope my gibberish helps ya
Hello Troy,

Your analysis and advise was spot on..

I added the hollow 2.4g steel rivets and was really on the fence about using the b/v secondary spring..
The machine did become a bit more sluggish after the upgrades (i.e. tires, wheel, Dalton clutch kit).
It was hard to explain, but I just wrote it off as a side effect of the upgrades.
The b/v spring did add a bit more snappiness and pep...

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