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    Maverick XRS 15k$ in NC SOLD SOLD SOLD is my Can Am Maverick XRS, This Machine was purchased in Stock condition last fall and it just recently was modified to it's current condition has one ride up in WV in it's current state, It has 65 Hours on it and the following mods, Method 401 beadlocks...
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    So i'm thinking that I'm going to sale my 14 XRS, and get a rzr 1000 turbo.......... haha JOKE! Really want a Turbo maverick like most people on here want. I'm like 80% dunes/desert and 20% trails here in Utah. I want the turbo XRS and I love the colors and the bumpers that come on it as well...
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    300 for the pair located in southern California OBO call matt 818 381 1810
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    This is one of my friends from yesterday. I rode in this Maverick about 3 weeks ago with him but he didn't get that crazy in it. This is probably the first UTV Backflip without a wider set of A-Arms on the back. They built the takeoff in about 2 hours.
  5. Suspension
    So, here is my train of thought... I have an X XC and would like to upgrade the suspension to be like that of an X RS. Will the components just bolt up? Are all the mounting points on the frame identical? If so, what parts will I need exactly? Will my rear torsion bar still work? Since I would...
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    2014 Maverick XRS shocks for sale. These have the red springs and 12mm spacers. The rear shocks have been re-valved by Adam at Fine Tune Suspension in So Cal. He also installed a traditional Schrader valve in the rear shocks. They have approximately 16-18 hours on them. If you have a 2013...
  7. Maverick XRS
    Has anyone had this problem w mud in the transmission? Went to drain fluids to change them and is 80% mud?? Any suggestions?