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  1. Gear shifting Problem

    Member Introduction
    Hello iam jojo i have trouble in maverix xrs 1000 R years 2013.the problem is when i move gear position from P to H and L to H also to The N is not in.must Be try several times and sound like the gear is not in from the machine i try to set the cable transmision but the problem still same...
  2. XRS (blue) Grip problem

    Member Introduction
    Well then so be it, hello everyone. I'm new here . Sorry in advance for my English. So this is how I want to start drifting with the vehicle, I closed the damper and hardened everything but there is one problem: and there is something else hallucinatory in the vehicle that I can not get rid...
  3. Need Help Please, Spare Tire Question on my 18 X3 XRS MAX

    Maverick X3 Max
    I have a 18 Maverick X3 XRS MAX and I'm wondering if someone can help me out. We currently are running the stock wheels and tires. Were looking to get a spare that would be universal for front or back. Question: Need to know what size rim we should get - size, offset and bolt pattern? I'm a...
  4. Going Under the Knife at S3 Power Sports

    Maverick X3
    Another XRS build in the works here at S3 Power Sports. This one will be a mild build but a freaking sweet build. Keep an eye out on this one! More pics to come. If you have any questions about the parts we are building for these cars, give us a shout! Building new parts daily and this car...