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  1. Member Introduction
    I’ve had my Mav S 60” for a couple years now. I really love the machine, but find at times it can be tippy and also have a need for a few extra inches of travel. I was wondering if anyone has done a 64” conversion almost copying the XRC. Now I know I’ll have to buy all new A-arms, axles...
  2. Maverick Discussions
    I was installing a bump seat in my can am x3 22 xrc and after i was all done i noticed the safety wire was ripped out and just sitting there, where does it go? i put it in drive to see if the alarm came on for seatbelt but it didnt.
  3. Maverick Accessories
    anyone know when theyre getting them back in stock? its been oos siince april. the price went up but no inventory yet.
  4. Member Introduction
    First of thanks to everyone posting here. I've been reading for what seems like forever soaking up all kinds of info. I've had quads, dirt bikes , and a couple of side X sides but nothing like an X3. I will ride forest service roads, Trails in the Black Hills SD, with an occasional trip to the...
  5. Maverick Discussions
    Went looking for a Can Am Maverick die cast but only found a crappy Polaris XP. But wait, it comes with its own trailer and a big lifted white truck to tow it…. Basically my real life set up! Had to make this work somehow, took delivery and promptly heated up a razor and went to work customizing...
  6. Member Introduction
    I have a 2019 maverick x rc turbo and I dropped a valve and bought a 900 ace motor off a ski doo and I'm going to put my turbo on it. Is there any difference between the two like compression
  7. Members Rides and Contests
    Did a weekend trip to Dumont dunes with the crew, been riding at this area for the last six years but just on dirt bikes. First time ever driving the Can-Am in the sand. Decided to try having the no paddle experience first since I’ve got enough freaking tires clogging up my shed lol and I have...
  8. Members Rides and Contests
    Got back from another successful Halloween camp out in Johnson Valley, or more specifically cougar buttes. This time there were a total of six side-by-side’s but I was the only Can-Am, surprisingly! Still getting used to this type of thing, coming off of a dirt biker program from the last 15...
  9. Member Introduction
    Hey now....I'm Landcrab Dan, new to this here page. Thanks for the membership! I'm enjoying my new to me 2019 XRC that rolled into my life about 2 weeks ago. I've been toying around with "upgrading" from my life behind bars aka Moto Life, to a SXS for years. Gotten to drive multiple versions of...
  10. Member Introduction
    I'm torn between 2018 and 2019 models. Used they have the same adding and about the same miles. Both have smart lok. What does 2019 models have that 2018 doesn't. Ty
  11. Maverick Trail, Sport, (Gen2) Commander
    Don’t know if anyone else is interested in this but, I like the look of these way better and they’re a lot brighter. I like the halo ring around the edge. Anyways here’s some before and after pics. They are direct plug and play... can’t beat that!
  12. Maverick Trail, Sport, (Gen2) Commander
    I am curious about a couple of items in the wiring. Behind the dash center there are at least two connectors just hanging there, one on a very short set of wires obviously intended for another rocker switch for the last empty rocker slot and is the green one in the first photo and is actually...
  13. Member Introduction
    Does anyone have a schematic for a 2019 Maverick Sport XRC? Is it in a service manual? I am curious about a couple of items in the wiring. Behind the dash center there are at least two connectors just hanging there, one on a very short set of wires obviously intended for another rocker switch...
  14. Maverick Trail, Sport, (Gen2) Commander
    My Buddy has the new Maverick Sport XRC. I’m getting a 2019 Sport Max DPS , would the suspension parts from the XRC bolt up to the Max DPS. My buddy might do some mods for crawling and change a few things.
  15. Maverick XRS
    There are some decent deals in my area and I cannot decide between either a Used 2017 X RS Turbo with 1000 miles or a New X RC Turbo (64" wide version). Both are similarly priced around 20k... This would be my first SxS purchase and just want to get it right the first time. I live in Utah and...
  16. Maverick XRC
    I recently purchased the PowerVision CX Tuner with a stage 1 NIC tune from Andy @ Pwrtune for my 2018 X3 XRC. I have the 64" 120 HP model and decided it was time for a little more power haha. I did a lot of research and decided that for what I was wanting and for the price that they are still...
  17. Member Introduction
    Hello All. My name is David and I'm from western KY. Recently purchased a 2018 Maverick X3 XRC 64". Bought it new in March and haven't done much since purchasing it other than factory roof, lower doors, tinted visor/quarter windshield. As of 06/10/2018 I did sell the Maxxis Liberty's and mounted...
  18. Maverick XRC
    I just completed the first break in ride on my new XRC Turbo R. I did follow the settings provided to me from a fox sponsored racer, very similar to the "race set up" provided by fox on there website. Due to being the first ride I did not adjust the pre-load as I wanted to give the suspension...
1-18 of 18 Results