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  1. Mav Sport DPS to Mav XMR Taillight Conversion

    Maverick Sport
    Don’t know if anyone else is interested in this but, I like the look of these way better and they’re a lot brighter. I like the halo ring around the edge. Anyways here’s some before and after pics. They are direct plug and play... can’t beat that!
  2. X3 XMR Snorkel Cap Replacement

    Member Introduction
    Hey everybody, opening a thread here has been my last resort as i have searched for hours and hours about a replacement for a cap on the snorkel on my XMR without luck. Long story short, i rolled over my XMR, all good no damage after inspection, but it was at night, and didn't noticed the cap...
  3. 2015 Maverick XMR Diff seal replacement

    Member Introduction
    Hello all, I have developed a small leak on the input shaft part of my front diff, and I am looking for some help, pointers, tips, on what you guys have come across, if the diff needs to be completely removed in order to replace the seals, etc. Any help, pics, videos are helpful. Very...
  4. 2018 X3 XMR Turbo Max speed??? (64 in, 120HP Version)

    Maverick XMR
    Does anyone know what the top speed of the 2018 120 HP X3 XMR Turbo is? I have seen videos on youtube of the X3 XMR Turbo R (178 HP) do 67MPH stock but have yet to find anything on the non R version.
  5. 2015 Maverick XMR, made grinding noise, will not move in H/L/R

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I have a 2015 Maverick XMR with 1300kms on it. I was riding down the back road at about 70km/hr and heard some grinding noises and the machine bounced around a bit. I pulled over right away and shut the machine off. The machine started fine after that, but when I put it into high, low, reverse...
  6. NIB XMR Snorkel kit for sale, one day only!!!

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    NIB XMR Snorkel kit for sale! I ended up buying a XMR snorkel kit and a particle seperator st the same time and ended up going with the separator. The kit is new in the box. Original packaging. Only opened it to make sure everything was there. Looking to seek quick otherwise I'll take it back...
  7. X3 shop lift opinions

    Maverick X3
    So what kind of shop lifts are you guys using for you X3's? I stuck my craftsmen hydraulic floor jack underneath my XMR a few nights ago with an added 2x8 on top of it and it wouldn't even get the tires off the floor with the jack fully extended. I did some looking around for a decent lift...
  8. New Maverick XMR owner from N.C

    Member Introduction
    I recently sold my RZR and bought the maverick XMR. Love the nasty power this thing has. I was wondering if there is any secrets or need to know things that I need to know about the machine. Im also looking for a good roof and sound system if anybody knows any good ones. Thanks
  9. Looking for the right dealership

    Maverick Discussions
    Alright guys I just sold my '13 commander and am now in the market for a new maverick. I bought my commander right here in south west louisiana but for the maverick I'm up for a little road trip if need be to find the best deal. Does anyone in the area have any dealerships they recommend? I've...
  10. First time out in the Maverick XMR

    Maverick Discussions
    I picked up the new XMR on Wednesday, and my son and I finally got a chance today to take it out for the initial break-in at one of the mud parks around here. We spent about 3 hours at Extreme Offroad and ran into one other rider in a Jeep. I guess 40 degrees is too cold for most UTV/ATV riders...
  11. Switch Plastics ?!?!?

    Maverick XMR
    Hey Everyone, I own a commander right now, but will be soon trading up for a Maverick XDS. I went to the dealership and really like the black carbon fiber plastics, but absolutely love the digital camo plastics on the XMR. I am just curious if anyone is in the market and would be willing to...
  12. warranty work/questions

    Maverick Discussions
    i dropped off my 14 xmr at the dealership to get the rear tires replaced. XMR + rock sliders + air suspension = cutting chunks out of tires. i asked them to look into a sagging suspension that has visibly droops 30 min after shutoff and i think i have a display problem too. need someone to...
  13. brp "warn" winch issue?

    Maverick Discussions
    brp warn winch plastic clutch handle on the end over rotated and the winch locked itself into free spool. had to take it apart to get the winch to work again. I have the 2014 maverick xmr that comes stock with the warn xl4000? winch, built to BRP specks, which according to some light internet...
  14. New member from calgary

    Member Introduction
    Hey, I've been reading almost every new post on here for the last few weeks, I just picked up a 2014 XMR I figured it was about time I signed up as a member. Anyone else from Calgary on here?
  15. snorkel on the 1000r xmr

    Maverick Discussions
    just fyi for the guys who have the XMR. The snorkel's from the factory runs down the back of the seat area. with that being said please be very careful putting your seat back in. I took mine out this morning and noticed that were the seat latch's down there are some pretty nice deep scratches...