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  1. Suspension settings?

    Member Introduction
    Hi, I was wondering what suspension settings i should run on my X3 XDS on a dirt track, its got fairly grippy tires and i’m looking to be able to slide corners without much body roll but also take jumps without breaking my back.
  2. Do I need clutch tuning with evo 3r tune

    Member Introduction
    About to tune my 19 xds and was wondering if clutch tuning was required. I’m going with a evo 3r 91 octane tune. Also has evo cat delete and v-flow intake. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Sand paddle help!

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! I need some help with paddle selection.... I cant seem to find any info on tire size and paddle count versus hp levels! I'm currently running the WS180 (215 crank HP). Would a 30x14x12 14 paddle be good? Or will i blow through them? I'm also not trying to break the bank, as...
  4. Purchasing New and Need Advice

    Maverick X3 Max
    Need some advice (to convince my wife to go with the XRS over an XDS :)) Here are my options: 2019 X3 Max XRS Turbo R Demo Unit with 5 miles (was in a parade)- $27,099.99 add windshield, back net, cargo box, and Rock sliders total comes out to be ~$28,500.00 Red, Silver, gold 5Hr drive from my...
  5. Xxc suspension swap

    Member Introduction
    hello, So i have a 2016 XXC with around 700 miles. I am looking into swapping to go to the full width suspension. So basically i need parts from one of the 64" versions. preferably the xrs/xds. Is there anyone that would be willing to swap, that wants the trail width suspension. Or that has...
  6. X3 XDS: 4+3 vs 5+2 Wheel Offset - machine width

    Maverick Discussions
    I’ve searched and searched, found some answers, but nothing as complete as what the rzr forum boys have. Need some help from current x3 64” owners, or anyone who knows answers lol. Im going from a 14 XRS to an 18 XDS. I’ve determined my STI 14” wheels with a 5+2 offset from my old machine will...

    Assault Industries
    Assault Industries has got a great Memorial Day sale going on now through the 28th! Use discount code: MD2018 to save some $$$. Check out our X3 product selection here -->
  8. XRS and XDS Radius/ Tie Rods: Close Out!

    Assault Industries
    If you've recently bent your puny stock rods, we've got some good news for you! It's the perfect time to upgrade with Assault Industries radius rods and tie rods on close out! Check out the killer deals on our website -->! All our rods are machined...
  9. preload + ride height XDS

    Maverick X3
    So I changed my preload (spring length 23 1/4 Front and 26.5" rear as well set crossover 4.5" front and 6" rear) per the FOX video for my XDS and my ride height is 15". The XDS is brand new with only 40 miles on it. Am I to assume (bad word) that the suspension will settle 1/2"? What...
  10. TRAILER INCLUDED - 2015 CanAm Maverick XDS 1000R Turbo -- 2-seater

    FS/WTB - Mavericks
    $17,400 More high quality photos > For sale is my 2015 CanAm Maverick XDS Turbo in EXCELLENT condition, starts every time (no exceptions) and ready to ride. I have many upgrades listed below. The trailer is included in the price (selling...
  11. Forum Member Discounts

    pwrTune - Malone Motorsports
    Hello All, thank you for having me on the Maverick Forum. I've been an avid reader getting great info and opinions and have finally joined. A little info on us, we are a smaller shop in WA state trying hard to make a big impact with great service and the best tunes. Our Maverick Turbo 1000R...
  12. Just Built My Harness Bar

    Maverick 15-16 XDS/XRS Non-Turbo
    I just completed the Harness Bar for my XDS last night with my brother and his friend. Wasn't really happy to cough up around 300 dollars for the bars I saw online when I had the resources to make one. Wasn't sure if I wanted to bend it over the intercooler but decided to just go straight across...
  13. 2016 CAN AM Maverick Turbo XDS - RIGID / DragonFire / CANAM / SSV / UTV

    FS/WTB - Mavericks
    Selling my 2016 CAN AM Maverick Turbo XDS $20,995 Carbon / Manta Green 197 miles 22 hours Will Come With --- DragonFire Front Bumper DragonFire Backbones DragonFire Rear Bumper DragonFire Spare Tire Carrier (does not come with spare tire) 40" Rigid LED Bar 10" Rigid LED Bar UTV Roof SSV...
  14. 2015 Maverick XDS Turbo S3 Racing Cross Country

    FS/WTB - Mavericks
    FOR SALE!!! Please share! S3 Power Sports Custom Chromoly Race Cage with Integrated Rear Bumper S3 Power Sports Front Race Bumper (Not Pictured) S3 Power Sports Racing Quick Steer, Quick Disconnect and Bracket S3 Power Sports Heavy Duty Tie Rods S3 Power Sports Heavy Duty Radius Rods S3 Power...
  15. Knock Knock

    Maverick 15-16 XDS/XRS Non-Turbo
    Anyone having a knocking sound coming from the engine bay at low RPM? Rode Saturday and noticed a knocking sound around 1500-2500. Doesn’t seem to be engine related because it goes away after that but at low RPM’s in Low gear cruising it is annoying. It also does it in High gear. I rode a...
  16. Its cold af here!

    Maverick 15-16 XDS/XRS Non-Turbo
    Last night I picked up my new 2015 XDS turbo and it was 10 degrees when I got home. I have doors and harnesses ready to install but my question is while its so cold should I send off my ecu to be reflashed now or wait and use my maverick and do it later? I'm think I should do it now because its...
  17. XDS Shock Covers

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Hey guys. Anyone found soft covers for the xds shocks yet???
  18. XDS Rear Bumper | HMF | IQ Equipment

    HMF Racing
    Hey guys, We recently unveiled our new Can Am Maverick XDS Turbo Rear Bumper. We also began the production of Venom Green Exhaust systems, Front Bumpers and Rear Bumpers. If you're interested in purchasing any of these, now's the time. Use promo code VENOM at and take off 20%...
  19. HMF Exhaust Systems for the Maverick XDS Turbo

    HMF Racing
    The new setup Maverick setup forced us here at HMF to spend some extra time developing the right systems. Turns out, we were able to create Dual and Single systems that have specific types of power. Here's some info with photos on the systems we created. If you're looking for more...
  20. Evolution Powersports X ds Turbo Base ECU Program is DONE!

    Evolution Powersports
    We have been working hard on tuning of the Maverick X ds for some time now. Last night we completed our tune which nets 20 wheel hp more than a stock X ds! This is on a 100% otherwise stock machine. Today we will be testing stock tunes with our cat bypass and "Double Barrel" exhaust. We...