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    Anyone know a good place in the Orange County, CA area to get maintenance done for my X3? Not looking to go to the dealer and pay all kinds of money. Looking for a local shop that can do the work. Thx
  2. Member Introduction
    Recently purchased a 2020 X3 Max DS Turbo R, we've been doing the break in period and taking it easy. We hit 7 hours so I took it out a couple days ago and got on it a bit to see how it handled in the desert, took a couple hard bumps and when I got back to asphalt it seemed like it was louder...
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    Need some advice (to convince my wife to go with the XRS over an XDS :)) Here are my options: 2019 X3 Max XRS Turbo R Demo Unit with 5 miles (was in a parade)- $27,099.99 add windshield, back net, cargo box, and Rock sliders total comes out to be ~$28,500.00 Red, Silver, gold 5Hr drive from my...
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    Hey guys, newb here. First post. I'm taking the two rear bucket seats out of my X3 Max, and replacing it with a sick custom bench from TripleX. Seats have been ordered, will arrive in 2 weeks, but I need to tear out the middle column (Cup holder, seat divider, etc...) and want to replace it...