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  1. oem slider part #

    Maverick XRC
    Is the blue slider called a "LH Lateral Panel"? Can Am part # 705012772? I caught a rather sharp edge while dropping down a wash. Ripped it right off the torx head screw but besides a bent chunk of blue plastic it all seems fine. Anyone else ever destroyed one of these or am I just that lucky!?
  2. Pulled the trigger on new 2018 X3 X rc Turbo in SoCal - now what to customize???

    Member Introduction
    After driving my buddies 2018 X3 X rc Turbo R in Anza Borrego last weekend, I was hooked. Opted for the 120hp, 64" version due to budget and deep discount on last remaining 2018 unit. Picking it up later this week. Adding the aluminum roof, front intrusion bars, lower door panels and 4-point...