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  1. 2018 X3 XMR Turbo Max speed??? (64 in, 120HP Version)

    Maverick XMR
    Does anyone know what the top speed of the 2018 120 HP X3 XMR Turbo is? I have seen videos on youtube of the X3 XMR Turbo R (178 HP) do 67MPH stock but have yet to find anything on the non R version.
  2. New X3 XMR (out of the box) Errors: Check Smartlok, Check Engine, Home Mode

    Maverick X3
    Hey Guys, I bought my new X3 XMR - 2 weeks ago (just drove only 120km) and experience the following errors - some starting from the first drive. 1) Check Smartlok (and Engine light - pls see screenshot). It appeared on the first drive. I called Can Am Dealer, the Dealer checked my X3 XMR and...