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  1. High offset wheels worth it ?

    Maverick X3
    Hey guys, Currently, I have a set of 14 inch 406 method wheels on my X3. with the I believe 4 + 4 offsets, running on the factory maxxis bighorns. My bighorns are heavily worn out and need replacing, however, I am thinking of getting the 15 inch 401-R high offset method wheels with the 30 inch...
  2. Same Rim all the way around

    Member Introduction
    I'm looking to get new rims for my x3 r, but the wheels I like only come in 14x7. Can I use 14x7 all the way around on stock tire sizes? Front: 28x9x14 Rear: 28x11x14
  3. 26" or 27" tires- big difference?

    Wheels and Tires
    As I'm sure most you all know the mavericks have a pretty uncommon size of tires from the factory 27x11r12 or 27x9r12. And for the most part if you can find tires in that size they are normally pretty pricey. my question is does anybody out there run 26' tires instead of the factory 27' if so...